ACSP currently has 11 Executive members.
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Fran Bonanno

Fran Bonanno is principal of St Felix Catholic Primary School in Bankstown located in the Southern region of the Archdiocese of Sydney. She has a Masters Degree in Education as well as Postgraduate qualifications in Religious Education and Numeracy. Fran has been in leadership positions in catholic education for 20 years.

Fran has a passion for primary maths education and was a numeracy project officer for 6 years in the Sydney Archdiocese. Whilst in this role she worked across schools to improve teacher capacity and student outcomes in numeracy education. Fran is currently an executive member of the Australian Catholic Primary Principals Association and is on the Curriculum Committee for NESA.

Fran Bonanno
President of ACSP Primary Principal

Julie King

Julie worked in Catholic Education for 41 years before moving into semi retirement in 2016. She held roles as Principal for 16 years and Assistant Principal for 12 years. She served on the Executive of ACSP as Treasurer for 6 years and took up the role of Executive Officer in 2016 and has also had roles on the executive of both the Australian Catholic Primary Principals Association (ACPPA) and the Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA)

Julie is passionate about improving student learning by building the capcity of teachers and leaders in Catholic Schools.

Miss Julie King

ACSP Executive Officer 

Stephen has had experience in a variety of senior leadership roles across Sydney, Parramatta and Wollongong. Stephen is passionate about raising the expectation of and in students in a positive education setting focusing on building resilience in our leaders of the future. He enjoys working in a dynamic precinct of three schools and a parish as well as engaging parents in the journey with their sons.

He has a keen interest in the part the College environment, both physical and cultural, play in the shaping of the school and has undertaken a large building and redevelopment program at De La Salle College Ashfield focusing on the classroom space and visible learning.

Stephen has an interest in all sports and the arts and is a Level 3 Cricket Coach.

Stephen Kennaugh
ACSP Treasurer (Metropolitan Secondary)
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